BLACKSTAR - FS-11 footcontroller
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BLACKSTAR - FS-11 footcontroller

Code de produit : FS-11 BLACKSTAR

*Traduction française à venir*

Designed to work with: ID:Core Stereo 20, ID:Core Stereo 40, ID:Core Stereo 40H and ID:Core BEAM

Connect a Blackstar FS-11 footcontroller (not supplied) to control your ID:Core in one of the following modes:

In Alternative Mode (selected via INSIDER) patches will cycle on a ?loop'. e.g. switching up from Bass 2 will move to Clean Warm.

When in Manual Mode, the effect of any footcontroller switch will depend on its last state. Pressing Switch 1 will return the amplifier to Patch Mode. Pressing Switch 2 will toggle the effects off and on without returning to Patch Mode.
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