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Code de produit : PAD FOAM

*Traduction francaise à venir*

Pintech now offers 4 options for pad foams! After years of research and development, Pintech has come up with the 4 best foam systems depending on the type of drummer that you are.

Pintech’s standard pad foam is a 3 piece foam built with a solid base, a medium density core and a soft density upper wrap that helps keep everything together. This foam offers the smallest hot-spot possible, while being a great solution for mesh and acoustic drum heads.

Pintech’s standard bass pad foam is a solid medium density foam that helps increase sensitivity while offering the best longevity for heavy-hitters. While this system does create a larger hot-spot, many of our drummers to not notice a difference. This foam also works great with mesh and acoustic drum heads.

Pintech’s High Def (HD) foam is soft density Poron layered foam. Specifically stacked to reduce hot spotting and transfer the nuance of every hit. This foam also works great with mesh and acoustic drum heads.

All foams come with a peel-and-stick adhesive on both the bottom and the top of the foam for easy installation.
12,95$ CAD
  • Condition : Neuf
  • Échelle de prix : 10$ - 24,99$
  • Quincailleries : Autre
  • Disponibilité : En inventaire
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