YAMAHA - DC1X-EN - Grand Piano Disklavier Enspire - Polished Ebony
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YAMAHA - DC1X-EN - Grand Piano Disklavier Enspire - Polished Ebony

Product Code: DC1X-EN-PE

A piano of unlimited potential, the ENSPIRE ST provides full recording and playback functionality, the patented Yamaha SILENT Piano™ System and DSP Servo Drive System for users who want more from their acoustic piano. DC1X ENST consists of a grand piano C1X.

This popular series responds to the artistic emotions of passionate players from all over the world and in any era. It has an evolved tone and expressive feel that draws on the inheritance of the CFX, to transform any conventional space into a concert hall.

The legacy of CFX continues
For over half a century, the C Series has been renowned among players worldwide as an instrument that sets the standards for grand pianos. The expertise and technologies acquired through the development of the CFX, a full concert grand piano born in 2010, and the concept of a "singing” piano were all generously poured into the CX Series, contributing to its profound evolution. Experience the thunderous rise of sonic power, the sparkling tone, and the transparently rich harmonics. The CX Series also captures the more somber and reflective moods of the player’s heart, giving the music enormous depth and breadth.

In order to produce the most rich, resonant tone, we’ve augmented the thickness of the back frame, which in essence is the foundation of the instrument. When playing strong fortissimo passages, the force exerted on the instrument causes it to bend slightly, losing energy. The back beam is the skeletal part of the piano that accepts this force and transforms it into deep, reverberant sound. On the C3X and above, this back beam is approximately 20% thicker than before, adding significant strength to the sound.

The CX Series adopts the same crown construction technique as on the renowned CFX. The soundboard is the source of the piano's sound and features a beautiful, curved crown. The manufacture of this crown is the most important factor in crafting a piano, because of its influence into how the sound radiates into the air. In the CX Series, we revamped the method of adhering the soundboard, ribs, and bridge for the C3X and the models above—models which require a great deal of projection—and have adopted the same crown making method as the CFX concert grand piano, resulting in a more luxurious sound and enhanced response.

The music wires of the CX Series have also been redesigned to create a remarkably sustained sound, rich with harmonics. It is, of course, the music wire that actually creates the sound of a piano. While affected by its matching with the hammers, soundboard and body of the piano, music wire has a profound effect on the timbre and sustain of the instrument. The CX Series utilizes music wire that produces a rich sound with a full complexity of overtones in its middle and upper registers. Coupled with the support from a solid foundation, this gives CX Series pianos a luxurious, harmonically resonant sound.

The frame in a piano must be able to withstand a total string tension in excess of twenty tons; not only does the frame work to support the string tension, but it has a profound effect on the instrument’s sound. Yamaha makes its own frames, relying on a method of casting referred to as “vacuum process,” the world’s first such technique developed over many years in creating some of the best piano frames. During this time we have built up a storehouse of knowledge on factors such as the manner in which controlling the temperature and composition of casting, and even the coating used on the frame itself, affects the acoustic characteristics of the piano. This is a major reason that Yamaha is able to ensure reliable quality when crafting our pianos.

The hammers on the CX Series are made from the same material as the CFX, enabling accurate response to the most subtle expressive changes in touch, thus delivering fine clarity of tone. Great hammers are essential to producing a beautifully expressive, malleable sound, and Yamaha—unlike most piano manufacturers—produces most of its own high-quality components, including the hammers. We are constantly looking for new ways to use our long manufacturing experience to give our piano hammers tonality, resilience, and power. The CX Series has also benefitted from the results of this research and development, utilizing the same felt as the CFX, which is adjusted to match the size of each instrument in the series. This ensures that all CX Series pianos possess a clear range of tonal colors and a nuanced, expressive sound.

The depth of the piano keyboard is such that there is only 10 mm of travel available to the player. Even so, the range of tonal changes produced by that small distance are so broad that they cannot be reproduced with modern digital technology. Yamaha devotes an incalculable amount of time crafting and enabling the sound that players strive for. In meticulously adjusting the action to efficiently transmit even the most delicate nuances in the player’s touch, and fine-tuning the sound by needle-piercing the hammer itself to create a beautiful and varied tone, the master craftsmen and their consummate skills ensure the highest quality of these instruments.

The CX Series feature a completely revamped design. Following in the footsteps of the CF Series concert grand, the CX Series design features simple, elegant lines, focusing on the characteristic legs of the piano in doing away with any excess ornamentation. This elegance is set off by a solid pedal box that allows performers to depress the pedals with as much power as they want, one aspect of a philosophy epitomizing "functional design" that allows players to become one with their instrument as they play.

The fallboard is fitted with a soft-landing mechanism, freeing you from the worry of it shutting on your fingers unexpectedly.

In order to provide the best playability possible, the CX Series offer white keys made of Ivorite™, which has a feel, color, and absorbency very similar to natural ivory.

Superb balance and rich tone. Every inch of the compact C1X exudes Yamaha's passion for the ideal piano.

Dimensions (W x H x D): 149 x 101 x 161 cm (59" x 40" x 5'3")
Weight: 290 kg (638 lbs)

Technologically Discreet, Acoustically Elegant

A streamlined control panel allows for simple tactile control while remaining hidden from view, providing the elegant look one would expect from a finely crafted Yamaha acoustic piano.

Effortless Integration

Wireless network connectivity and seamless compatibility with mobile devices, smartphones and computers allows intuitive access to all of the instrument’s exclusive content and unique capabilities.

Thousands of Performances In One Masterpiece

The Disklavier ENSPIRE allows you to revel in whatever music suits your mood or occasion, from classical solo piano or concerto selections to your favorite jazz or pop songs on piano – accompanied by audio and vocals. An easy-to-use and intuitive UI design provides direct access to 500 built-in songs* and thousands performances that can be downloaded directly to the instrument from the Yamaha MusicSoft online store.

Exclusive Streaming Services

In addition, the ENSPIRE also offers revolutionary streaming radio services, allowing you to discover and enjoy thousands of piano performances in the comfort of your own home. Yamaha Piano Radio gives you instant access to over 30 channels of 24-hour streaming piano music.

*Built-in songs include 380 piano solo songs (PianoSoft Solo), 72 songs with instrumental accompaniments (PianoSoft Plus), and 48 songs with audio backing (PianoSoft Audio).

Artistic Excellence In Your Living Room

Disklavier ENSPIRE features popular, award-winning and legendary Yamaha artists such as Sarah McLachlan, Bob James, and Jamie Cullum*. These performances are not simply a rendition of the artist’s songs, but exclusive performances by the actual artists themselves, recorded specifically for ENSPIRE. Experience the genuine touch, nuance and emotion as the instrument recreates a precise portrayal of the artist’s intentions.

*Songs you can enjoy with audio (PianoSoft Audio) are totally 48 songs. And 13 of them are by Yamaha artists such as Bob James, Jamie Cullum, and Sarah McLachlan.

Every Note, Every Nuance

The Disklavier ENSPIRE is the only piano that can truly reproduce every nuance of a piano performance, precisely recreating all of the details that other player pianos cannot. For example, a player's key release timing controls the exact timing of each individual damper coming down on the string and contributes to the overall musical message that the pianist is trying to convey. Other player systems rely on predetermined programming to control the release of the piano keys, which results in every key releasing at the exact same speed during playback. This programming equates to half of the original performance being altered, which means half of the human element of the piano performance is removed. The Disklavier, by contrast, can reproduce all articulations of the performance, including the speed by which a key is released, meticulously reproducing what even other high-end systems cannot. Couple these unmatched reproducing capabilities with advanced AccuPlay DSP technology, and you have a piano that not only recreates every nuance of the original performance, but is intelligent enough to verify and adjust itself during playback to ensure accurate performance reproduction.

Inspired By Technology, Powered By Performance

Extremely accurate recording functions allow teachers and students to critique recorded performances - providing new ways for students to enhance their musical development. Proprietary video sync technology gives users the ability to create, archive and share an acoustic piano driven visual performance using just the piano and a video camera.

The Sound of Innovation

Yamaha SILENT Piano™ technology allows you to listen, learn and play without being disturbed or disturbing others. Utilizing a unique sampling technique that replicates the interaural characteristics of the human ear, the Disklavier ENSPIRE binaurally recreates the sound, presence and resonance of a Yamaha CFX Concert Grand from the player’s position through headphones. This innovative technology is built into every ENSPIRE ST and PRO model Disklavier, giving you increased flexibility and more opportunities to enjoy your piano.
  • Condition : New
  • Number of Keys : 88 Keys
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