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Code de produit : SR13H

*Traduction française à venir*

Sabian's SR2 line of cymbals are uniquely marketed as a "treasure hunt". These cymbals have come back to the Sabian factory after leading short lives being played by endorsed artists, being displayed at trade shows, or being restocked for any number of reasons. The bottom line is that these cymbals have been used, but very lightly - no damage was inflicted to the instrument. Cymbals from the AA, AAX, HH, HHX, and Vault series are all brought to the same place, where they become SR2 cymbals.

Back at the factory the original logos are removed, the cymbal is re-lathed, a secret step is taken (cymbal companies are notoriously hush-hush about their manufacturing processes), and then the SR2 stamp is placed on the newly-born instrument. The only marked differences are diameter and weight (thin, medium, heavy), leaving you to guess what the cymbal was originally. So why buy a cymbal with a mysterious past? The pricetag. These cymbals are sold at drastically reduced prices for what are essentially new products, allowing percussionists the opportunity to own what may have been an Artisan Vault cymbal at a fraction of the cost. You've only got to ask yourself one question: "Do I feel lucky?"

Roll the dice with a Sabian 13" SR2 Heavy Cymbal.

Since all 'types' of cymbals have been lumped together for the SR2 series, here's a guideline to help give you a ballpark estimate of what you are looking for:

Thin cymbals are washy, more responsive, and have deeper overall tones.

Heavy cymbals are thicker, which gives them more resonance, more volume, and a higher, more aggressive overall tone.

Medium cymbals try to mix the responsiveness of thin cymbals with the volume output of thicker cymbals.

8" - 12" cymbals are typically designated as splash cymbals, though a 12" is large for a splash.

13" - 15" cymbals are mostly used for hi-hats, with 14" being the industry standard.

15" - 20" is the range for crash cymbals, but 15" and 20" crashes are rare to see.

19" - 22" is the general range for ride cymbals.

It is important to remember that labels can be misleading - a cymbal can sometimes sound great in situations other than what the manufacturer decrees - it's all about the sound.

Roll the dice with a Sabian 13" SR2 Heavy Cymbal!
89,99$ CAD
  • Condition : Neuf
  • cymbale : Hats
  • Format : 13"
  • Échelle de prix : 50$ - 99,99$
  • Disponibilité : En inventaire

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