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STEINBERG - Cubase Elements 8

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STEINBERG - Cubase Elements 8

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Using the same technology platform as its larger siblings in the Cubasefamily, Cubase Elements 8 offers tools for intuitive song-writing, alongwith virtual instruments to develop your musical ideas and studio-gradeeffects. With its intuitive set of tools for composing, recording,editing and mixing, Cubase Elements is the most desirable entryway tothe Cubase world. The eclectic ensemble of quality instruments andeffects modifies your computer into your personal music productionsystem. Chord AssistantYou don't have to be a musical genius to lay downbeautiful harmonies when you're using Cubase. The powerful ChordAssistant helps you to generate everything from simple pop to complexjazz chord sequences that just sound great. Want to specify both thefirst and final chords but have no clue how to get there? This, also, ispossible. The Chord Assistant lists chord suggestions from which youcan choose.Chord PadsChord pads are a great way to playfully andcreatively compose with chords. Jam with chords and patterns in realtime and remote control multiple parameters to change chords on the fly.The chord pads are playable via a MIDI keyboard and real-timeparameters allow you to easily improvise chord performances by changingvoicings, tensions and more as you go.Ultra-fast take compingBuildingthe perfect take has never been that easy with the intuitive Lane Trackconcept. When recording several takes, Cubase instantly creates a LaneTrack for each take. From here, it s just a short way to perfection:simply swipe across the best parts and Cubase automatically creates amaster take that contains all selected parts. In addition, the Comp tooloffers handy click-and-drag features for immediate results.CubaseElements boasts all the tools of the trade at a price that can't bebeat!

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