YAMAHA - NU1XA - AvantGrand Hybrid Piano - Polished Ebony
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YAMAHA - NU1XA - AvantGrand Hybrid Piano - Polished Ebony

Product Code: NU1XA PE

AvantGrand hybrid pianos combine Yamaha's acoustic piano crafting expertise with digital technologies to offer the best of both worlds—the experience of playing an acoustic grand piano alongside rich functionality that satisfies diverse customers' needs. AvantGrand pianos enjoy widespread popularity, spanning from pianists who enjoy an authentic playing experience to families with children just beginning to learn how to play.

The new NU1XA combines real acoustic upright piano action and wooden keys with cutting-edge advanced sensors and sound technologies to offer authentic grand piano feel and rich expressiveness.

1. Action with improved touch and new pedals offer even more realistic acoustic grand piano feel

Even the most delicate key movements are transferred to the hammers by the intricate and sophisticated action of a real acoustic upright piano. The NU1XA preserves subtle nuances intended by the player and enables delicate musical expression like trills or other notes played in rapid succession. The piano also features real wooden keys, just like an acoustic piano, for a more authentic playing experience. The touch of the piano and response to repeated striking have also been improved by optimizing the shape of the keyboard action parts. With the addition of the new GrandTouch™ Pedals, the NU1XA also more closely replicates the feel of grand piano pedals.

2. Dual sensors detect key and hammer movement separately

Yamaha's Articulation Sensor System is used to detect key and hammer movements, offering more accurate interpretation of subtle musical expression during performance. New hammer sensors have been added to more accurately detect timing and strength of hammers hitting the strings. Sensors under the keys accurately determine the stopping point of sounds and other nuances of performance, ensuring that even the most subtle musical expression is preserved.

3. Newly redesigned sound system for more realistic grand piano sound

The newly designed sound system employs a radiating structure that replicates the depth and fullness of grand piano sound. Speakers near the top of the unit employ a newly designed horn structure to emit high-pitched sounds and radiate them out to the front and back of the piano. Speakers near the feet emit sound upwards, which resonates throughout the piano body. In addition to these structural improvements, sound quality and fine balance adjustments based on pianist feedback result in an acoustic space that more closely recreates the resonant, three-dimensional sound of the acoustic grand piano.

4. Compact, elegant design

The most elegant aspects of the grand piano have been carefully packaged in a sophisticated, compact design that doesn't feel forced. The flowing lines of the legs offer a sense of refinement, while the reflection of the keys on the key stop rail replicates the unique beauty of the grand piano design.
CAD $6,799.00
  • Condition : New
  • Price range : 4000$ and over
  • Number of Keys : 88 Keys
  • Availability: In Stock

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