DUNLOP - DGT101 - Guitarist Tool Kit-Small
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DUNLOP - DGT101 - Guitarist Tool Kit-Small

Product Code: DGT101

The Dunlop DGT 101 Guitarist Tool Kit has everything a player needs for a quick and easy string change: a String Cutter, a Stringwinder, a Multi-Tool for tweaks, and a Superlube Gel Pen to help stay in tune.

Everybody loves a fresh set of strings, but nobody likes changing them. You're often forced to scrounge around for your tools - they're probably in a drawer somewhere! And winding strings by hand is tedious and time-consuming. Dunlop's System 65 guitar string change kit eliminates the frustration, providing a simple, comprehensive toolset that makes changing strings and other light guitar maintenance tasks a breeze. Packaged in a durable, semi-rigged shell, the Dunlop System 65 kit includes a string cutter, string winder, and a 12-piece multi-tool with nine hex wrenches, box-end wrench, Philips screwdriver, and flat-head screwdriver. It also contains a Superlube gel pen, for keeping your guitar's moving parts lubricated, and a polishing cloth.


Packed in a durable semi-rigid shell with interior straps
String cutter slices through strings with ease
Stringwinder makes quick work of removing old strings and putting on new strings
Multi-tool has what you need to perform many light maintenance tasks
Extend the life of your guitar's moving parts with the included Superlube gel pen
Super-soft polishing cloth for clean-up and to add a final shine
For a handy toolkit built to Dunlop's high standards, check out the System 65.
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  • Price range : 50$ - 99,99$
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