BLAKCSTAR - FLY3JJN - 3-watt 1 x 3-inch Combo Amp - Jared James Nichols Edition
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BLAKCSTAR - FLY3JJN - 3-watt 1 x 3-inch Combo Amp - Jared James Nichols Edition

Product Code: FLY3JJN

The Blackstar Fly 3 is already a pretty great little mini-amp. But now, for a limited time, you can get yourself a Jared James Nichols signature version! The JJN 3 offers ‘mini’ Blues Power in a desktop format, and comes in his signature green that looks really sweet.

ared James Nichols has a new limited edition Blackstar JJN 3 mini amp, based on the ever popular Fly 3 format, but with his own spin on the aesthetics. I have to say, that I find my Fly 3 really useful. It can really beat out some great tones. It’s so good, in fact, that I have already used it to record with a few times!

The amp has the tape-style delay effect and the ISF tone control which made Blackstar amps famous, so you have all you need for some very useful guitar tones (and synths too! I have whacked my synths through it many times as well).

Overall, I find these mini-amps to be pretty versatile, as they have a headphone out, and you can use them as a mini speaker. You also have the ability to play your backing track through them. All these features make for a really handy tool for any guitarist/musician that needs an ultra-portable speaker solution.

Fly 3 Jared James Nichols Limited Edition Guitar Combo Amp from Blackstar is 100% original and brand new.
CAD $99.99
  • Condition : New
  • Price range : 50$ - 99,99$
  • Availability: Out of stock

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