YAMAHA - Stage Custom birch - 5-Piece (22,10,12,16,SNARE) - Honey Amber
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YAMAHA - Stage Custom birch - 5-Piece (22,10,12,16,SNARE) - Honey Amber

Product Code: SBP2F5 HA

As with the introduction of Stage Custom in 1995 Yamaha once again sets the standards of value and sound. The new Stage Custom inherits 100% birch wood, with upgraded metal parts.

-100% birch shells
-Yamaha Enhanced Sustain System - YESS
-Ball Mount & Clamp

*hardware and cymbals on the picture are not included!*


Hoop Model: Triple Flange Hoop
Hoop Material: Steel
Hoop Thickness: 1.5mm

LugType: Separate Lug
Shells Material: Birch
Head Top: Remo UT Clear
Head Bottom: Remo UT Clear
Head Front: Remo UT Ebony P3
Head Batter: Remo UT Clear P3

Bass Drum model: SBB2217 (22')
Floor Tom model: SBF1615 (16')
Tom models: SBT1208 (12') and SBT1007 (10')
Snare Drum: SBS1455 (14')

Item modèle: SBP2F5 HA / SBP2F50 HA (which both stands for the same model)

CAD $869.99
  • Condition : New
  • Kit : 5 Pieces Kits
  • Price range : 500$ - 999,99$
  • Shells : Birch
  • Availability: In Stock

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