AKG - D440

AKG - D440
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AKG - D440

Microphone instrument

* Traduction française à venir

High-output neodymium transducer; cardioid instrument microphone;
extremely rugged; mounts on stands or instruments.

The D440 is a unidirectional dynamic microphone. It has been designed primarily for tough onstage use on drums, guitar amps, wind instruments etc. and uses a patented AKG Varimotion diaphragm. The D440 has a cardioid polar response. This means the microphone is most sensitive to sound arriving from in front of it, less sensitive to sound arriving from the sides, and hardly responds to sound from the rear. This pickup pattern is virtually the same for all frequencies ("frequency independent").

The strong plastic housing and the wire-mesh outer grille of the D440 protect the transducer system from damage. The outer grille and a layer of special fabric beneath it form a very effective windscreen to suppress pop and wind noise. An integrated stand adapter provides for precise microphone alignment with the instrument. The supplied H440 bracket allows you to clamp the microphone directly on a snare drum, tom-tom, or similar percussion instrument.

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AKG - D440