VIC FIRTH - TI5B Titan™ Series

VIC FIRTH - TI5B Titan™ Series
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Titan™ Series


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Titan™ drumsticks have been designed with a revolutionary technology to maximize durability and playability. Made from an advanced aerospace-grade carbon fiber composite, each stick is very consistent in weight and pitch while providing superior resilience. Most amazingly, all of this is accomplished without sacrificing the feel and sound produced by a wood stick. It is quite possible that these will be found to be the most durable sticks ever!
Titan™ sticks are currently available in the profile of Vic Firth's American Classic® 5B -- one of the world's most popular drumstick models! Aggressively tested by professional drummers in practice, recording and performance, these sticks last significantly longer than traditional wood models.

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VIC FIRTH - TI5B Titan™ Series